Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Tuffweed take to kill my weeds?

Tuffweed’s surfactant package absorbs immediately into the leaves, taking the active ingredient deep into the roots. For most annual weeds such as Mint Weed and Paterson’s Curse visual results will likely occur within 3-7 days of application. In cooler weather results may not be apparent for up to 20-30 days. For “tuff to kill” perennial weeds like Bamboo, Blackberry and Thistle results can take between 2-3 weeks.

What is the best time to spray weeds?

It is recommended that weeds are treated when they are under good growing conditions in either the early morning or late afternoon.

Is Tuffweed safe for my pets?

Tuffweed 360 Aquatic can be used around pets and livestock where they cannot be removed before treatment. For optimal results, where livestock are present it is best to remove them to ensure uptake of Tuffweed by the weed but is not required to ensure their safety. When using Tuffweed 680 Granules allow product to dry before letting children or animals back into the treated zone.

Can I use Tuffweed 360 Aquatic to kill unwanted weeds in my pond?

Yes, Tuffweed Glyphosate 360 Aquatic may be used for the control of emerged weeds in all fresh and brackish water. It can also be used for weeds on sides or banks of streams, lakes and in channels and drains. Tuffweed Glyphosate 360 Aquatic should not be applied within 0.5km up-stream of potable water intake in flowing water (river, stream, etc.) or within 0.5km of a potable water intake in a standing body of water such as a lake, pond or reservoir.

Will Tuffweed kill my lawn?

Yes, Tuffweed is a non-selective herbicide. This means that Tuffweed will kill practically all greenery that it is applied to.

How long should I wait to replant after using Tuffweed?

Both Tuffweed 360 and Tuffweed 680, and Tuffweed sachets offer non-residual weed killing power. This means that replanting can occur almost immediately after spraying.

What part of the weed should I spray?

For optimal results spray leaves and all foliage ensuring complete and uniform wetting of the leave/ foliage.

Can my delivery be left at my door?

We require a signature for proof of delivery. If you will not be home but would like delivery anyway, please add a "Note to seller" to let us know- This option is given under the shipping section when making payment.

How much water should I mix with my Tuffweed 680 Granules?

Always refer to instructions for specific rates. For the control of most weeds: 5g per 1Litre of water. To kill Woody Weeds: 5g per 800ml of water.

How much water should I mix with my Tuffweed 360 Aquatic?

Always refer to instructions for specific rates. For the control of most weeds: 10mL per 1Litre of water. To kill Woody Weeds: 15mL per 1 Litre of water.