Features & Benefits

  • Multi use commercial weed killer
  • In-built formulation technology
  • Aquatic formulation
  • Pet and livestock friendly
  • Super value super quality
  • 10mL = 1L of ready to use weed killer

Multi Use Commercial Weed Killer:

Tuffweed 360 Commercial Weed Killer is developed to control a wide range of weeds, grasses, woody weeds, trees and aquatic weeds, providing a powerful all-round weed killer.

In built surfactant technology:

Scientifically developed for Australian conditions and containing sophisticated in-built surfactants, Tuffweed 360 Aquatic gives you a powerful all-round weed killer that is non-residual in the soil, rainfast in 2 hrs, rapid brown out and can be used on the widest range of weeds, grasses, creepers, woody weeds, and unwanted or noxious trees.

Aquatic use:

Due to the surfactant technology, Tuffweed 360 Aquatic can be used to treat a range of aquatic weeds in and around waterways. It is developed for use where aquatic life maybe present. Tuffweed can also be used in and around drains, channels, canals, creeks, dams, ponds and most places where aquatic weeds are a problem.

Please note: Do not apply 0.5km from drinking water.

Pet & Livestock Friendly

The ingredients used in Tuffweed 360 Aquatic are considered “not harmful to mammals” and can be used around pets and livestock.